Westminster Abby Book Review ~July 2017

Westminster Abby by Micol Ostow

**Disclaimer: This review is my opinions on this book. I’m not trying to offend anyone, I just wanted to get my feelings off of my chest and share my thoughts with you all. If you feel differently than I do about this book, please comment and tell me why! I’ll be glad to listen to your opinions. Just please be nice 🙂

This book was an OK book. It wasn’t written bad in my opinion. It’s a nice book for young adults to read who are trying to find themselves or be more independent. However there are many things about this book that I didn’t like. But, I’ll start with a synopsis and what I did like.


Westminster Abby is about Abby (as you can guess XD) who is 16 years old, traveling to London, England for the summer with the S.A.S.S (Students Across the Seven Seas) program. She goes to England wanting to add more spice to her life because to her it is “plain.” She wants to be a “scoop of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.” She learns to trust herself while going through the typical boy drama along the way.

Things I liked:

  • It read at an fairly quick pace. I like to read books that do that.
  • The activities that the teens went through were pretty realistic. It had teens drinking at bars/clubs and a few curse words thrown here and there (but those were mostly at the beginning.) **I do not advocate underage drinking!! I just thought it was realistic because some teens actually do that stuff nowadays.
  • Abby is from New York City, just like me!
  • The way the author described the scenery of England was really nice. The characters in the book went to many places and it was nice because I got to see how everything in London looked like.

Now let’s move on to the things I didn’t like. I have two main points I’m going to elaborate on and then I’ll just list the minor things that irked me. SPOILERS ARE COMING UP SO PLEASE RUN!!! Also, I didn’t take a lot of notes while reading so the things I’m mentioning are from my memory (meaning: no page numbers and quotes are paraphrased.)

Things I didn’t like:

  • The first thing that I questioned in this book is Abby believing that she is plain. How is she plain? She mentioned at the beginning of the book how she thought she was plain because she studied, got straight A’s, didn’t do adventurous things, and never had a boyfriend. However, even before she arrived in England, she explained that she went to bars with her friend, Dani, drank beer at bars/clubs in New York, and met and eventually started dating a boy who was in college. In my opinion, that doesn’t constitute as plain. Also, I feel that having parents that would send you away to England just to get you away from a guy is very “not plain”. I can understand her feelings when she said that she wanted to be more adventurous and outgoing because I feel the same way too. But that doesn’t mean you’re “plain”.
  • The second problem I want to discuss is basically the main conflict of the story: the love triangle. I watched a video on YouTube where this YouTuber/author named Jenna Moreci talked about love triangles. Her thoughts made a lot of sense to me and I took those with me throughout reading this book. Watch the video here. I believe that this love triangle was unnecessary because it could have been all solved as soon as it started. Abby couldn’t choose between the two boys in her life. She had supposedly moved on from James and then started something with Ian (which I couldn’t understand how their relationship would work out since he lives in England and she in New York. Also, because of her parents). Then, James suddenly comes to London to get back together with Abby and apologize. And even though he cheated on her and she didn’t want to communicate with him, just because he shows up in London, she basically pushed Ian to the side and pays all of her attention to James, her EX boyfriend. And the fact that she even went on a date with the dude, kissed him TWICE, and went away alone on a trip with him, while still having Ian on the sidelines makes me angry. Then she tells her ex that she basically still has feelings for him and everything but she can’t be with him because he cheated on her. YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS FROM THE BEGINNING!! UGH! And she doesn’t even end up with Ian in the end. Wow, I feel like I wasted my time. But that part was more understandable to me than the rest of the book.

LOL. I’m done with my rant. Thank you for reading that, I needed to get that off of my chest.

Now for minor details that annoyed me.

  • Zoey= I read that she helped Abby get out of her comfort zone which I agree with, but I feel like she was basically unnecessary once the book started focusing on the love triangle. And in my opinion, she doesn’t give great advice.
  • Dani (Abby’s friend in NY)= unnecessary character.

My rating:


Yellow: Proceed with caution (I know this means slow down but I made my own rating system with a traffic light XD)

  • If you want to read a typical YA romance novel, try this one. Also, this is a good, quick-paced read for reading slumps or just light reading. But if you’re a reader who gets easily upset when a character is stupid or annoying (that’s me), then don’t waste your time. Save your heart ❤





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