Shyuniqueonlyme- why I chose this name

Shyuniqueonlyme- Why I chose this title and my tagline (Blogging University day 2)

I chose the name Shyuniqueonlyme because I wanted a name/title that really represented me. I’m admitting the fact that I am shy but I am also sending a positive message to myself that I am unique, and that I can only be me. Basically it’s a view of my journey to self acceptance (I don’t know XD I just liked the fact it described me in a few words). I chose the tagline “In a gentle way, you can shake the world” by Gandhi because I wanted to find something positive to share with you guys while at the same time to motivate myself whenever I see the tagline. It reminds me that even if what I’m doing seems miniscule and not very grand, I could still be impacting someone in a positive way and that’s a cool thing to do XD. Thanks for reading.


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