25 Bookish Facts About Me!

Hi everyone! This is DT and I want to share with you 25 Bookish Facts about me:

  1. I prefer to read standalones than series. It’s a bit inconvenient for me to go find the next book in a series after I finish the previous book (because I’m mostly a library kind of girl and getting the next book in a series right away is a bit tricky.) Once I’m finished with a story, I like to move onto a new one. OR I like to marathon my series so if I can’t get the next book right away, I might not remember what happened in the previous book and then I’ll have to reread everything again! So I’ll rather just wait for all the books at one time.
  2. I’ve realized that the series I do read and enjoy are one’s with the same people but in totally different stories or new characters in a different story. I’m talking about stories similar to fan-fictions. I love me a good fan-fiction 😉
  3. I don’t really like fantasy and dystopian stories; I prefer romance, comedy some action, and contemporary standalones. But I’m starting to broaden my reading horizons.
  4. Some of my favorite books are: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, Legend by Marie Lu, Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens, and One True Love by Stephanie Doyle.
  5. Some books I can read in a day or two. Some books can take me a month or more.
  6. This same phrase applies to my reading habits: “My eyes are bigger than my stomach”
  7. I rarely buy books; most of the books I have were given to me or are library books. (Got no money :/ XD)
  8. I get into reading slumps very often (that’s probably why I read so slowly)
  9. I like to imagine how characters look in books but if a TV show or comic book comes out with a totally different look, it will mess me up. I will not be able to see my own version anymore 😦
  10. I like to read audio books with a physical or e-copy of the book with me. It’s hard for me to focus on a story with only an audio book (unless the reader is REALLY good). I’d lose interest and start doing something else and wouldn’t focus on the story.
  11. As of today, I still haven’t read any of the Harry Potter or Twilight books (please don’t kill me XD)
  12. My favorite reading quote: “No two person’s ever read the same book” – Edmund Wilson
  13. I HATE taking notes while reading. I can’t comprehend how people have all the sticky notes in their book. I don’t understand how they do it. If I did, I would want to try to take notes but I can’t.
  14. I like it when books aren’t written in. I like them clean. When I read, I don’t care about what other people think until after I’ve finished the book myself and have my own opinion. Also, I might be influenced by that person’s opinion.
  15. Since I’ve found Booktube, I’ve learned about so many new and awesome books. However, now I don’t really pay attention to books that aren’t mainstream on Booktube anymore. It’s a blessing and a curse.
  16. Spoilers affect me differently than most (I think. Comment if you are similar to me :)) If someone tells me (i.e. someone dies at the end of a book), then I will continue reading to see how they died, why it happened, and what events occurred for that to happen. BUT if I can avoid spoilers, I will.
  17. I love to guess “Whodunit” in books but I don’t like to read books in the mystery genre. I know, weird XD
  18. I prefer a physical copy of a book than an e-book. But e-books are just as great too!
  19. I like paperbacks and hardcovers equally but I hate it when paperback covers get bent or ripped and hardcovers are heavy for my book bag.
  20. First booktuber I ever saw was a Spanish speaking one named Las Palabras de Fa on YouTube. If you speak or understand Spanish, you should watch her (watch even if you don’t ).
  21. I love to read manga (mainly yaoi, yuri, and shoujo XD)
  22. I prefer to read books before I watch the movies but I don’t really mind if I see the movie first.
  23. I like to read books where the main character is Asian so if the book has an Asian protagonist or author, I’m more likely to pick it up and read it or at least consider it.
  24. I hate sad books because I’m a very emotional person but I haven’t shed tears because of a book so far! (If you know any books that could make me cry, leave the recommendations in the comments below! 🙂
  25. I love bookmarks 🙂




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